This 1 Is 4 U / 2016

…And you don’t know who you are

The notion of a notion of an ocean we haven’t pissed in

Just think about that for a “second”

While pretending  to swim or wave

To those!


Shit happens

So don’t wear un-derwear

Put on seedy CD

Laugh and create a new colour

“Too late, it’s gone, too late to name that colour – SHIT!”

I am back on that beach


Uncontrollably Baby

Shedding my blood


For the Gods

The Gods?

The Gods….

[he clears his throat and forgets all symptoms]

But he still shakes

He decides to pretend that pretending is not an option




There is so much that goes through your legs

And sometimes you can’t even hear it

That’s is why fashion made women wear Hi(priest/ess) heels

So that they could always hear them coming

Non-Trojan – even if

We Clamber

Not a shell-fish in sight



OK 12%

That’s better

Lift up your arms and remember you have them

Look at something

And then play

We all memories Stick

We all have US(B)

1’@- VVVVV

I did that to confuse you and make you question the notion.


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