ABSURD REALITIES and/or ‘White Man Love You Long Time (buy-bye-bi Me) WOOF! – The Musical!’ / 2016

‘White Man Love You Long Time (buy-bye-bi Me) WOOF! – The Musical!’

Advertisements for absurd realities and “Art is what you can get away with” – Andy Warhol

Stiofan O’Ceallaigh proposes the same is with hate in ‘White Man Love You Long Time (buy-bye-bi Me) WOOF! – The Musical!’

In these new works created exclusively and commissioned by INSP13 magazine Stiofan O’Ceallaigh’s Barbara Kruger meets Dada advertisements—with their aesthetics of blandness and fonts of fuzziness—still manage to underline the veiled drive to complacency and also the absurdity of our contemporary era where HIV medication ads and information posters only ever present happy, healthy-looking, and (mostly) white bodies. O’Ceallaigh’s absurdist critique also targets the ever-present inspirational posters that hang on every corporate wall in the Western world: Relax because …, Breath instead of …, Success Is …, Teamwork …, etcetera—but, the cruel reality lies just beneath them. Indeed, we live an era of forced togetherness, optimism, and happiness (even though the depression rate has skyrocketed, and the suicide rate is up). And to top it off, Euro-America seems to be on a happy-go-lucky dance toward the void with the passage of Brexit, the election of Trump—who embodies so much of what LGBT rights, multiculturalism, acceptance politics, and other progressive programs and ideas were against!—and the rise of white supremacy, xenophobia and nationalism. Without a doubt, sometimes we have to laugh, while being critical, at the absurd, and O’Ceallaigh is helping us do just that—and not a moment too soon.

Exclusive works in this series are available to view in INSP issue 13 (£4.99). Follow this link to purchase INSP: http://djohnhopper.blogspot.co.uk/p/inspirational.html.











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